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About Us

About Us

Cloeinc was founded in 2020, an alternative lifestyle brand from the street.

We focus on designing costumes for adventurous and rebellious people who are aware of the latest trends and are interested in tattoos, graffiti, music, and motorcycle culture.We have won love and support by trendy men from many countries and regions around the world.


Our Vision

Music, movies, graffiti, tattoos, colors, street art, we are aobsessed with these modern elements! We took them from the street and put into wardrobe.We collaborate with talented artists around the world to make costumes,creating various streetwear with unique patterns.

Cloeinc provides men with more than just fashion clothing, and is committed to quality, value and service. We hope to show your firm inner spirit, inspire your heart and advocate for putting your heart on your body through badass and ironic modern street art inspired clothing!


We Love Our Mother Earth

We attach great importance to environmental protection, using natural materials for clothing fabrics and natural biodegradable materials for printing paints, making the clothing comfortable and skin-friendly. Although sustainability is a very complex project, we are committed to working under a strong ethical policy and doing fashion responsibly as citizens of the planet.

Shanghai Jiachuang Trading Co., Ltd.
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