What Are The Positive Meanings Of Skull Tattoos?

When it comes to skull tattoos, you'll find this simple, bold aesthetic found anywhere in the world. Now it has become a trend for people to have skull tattoos on any preferred position on the body. Skull tattoos are not just a negative impression, it also has some positive connotations. Follow along with us to learn more about the meaning behind different skull tattoo designs.



The skull can also represent the beginning of new life, or the rebirth of life. You may have been through a tough time, or worse, a near-death experience, and a skull tattoo can represent how that experience touched your mind, inspired your life, and made you feel reborn. When you go through a death-like experience, nothing in life is harder, you become braver and stronger, and you can handle almost anything.



Death is the way life must go through, but some people are too scared to talk about it. When you get your skull tattooed, you're already showing the world that you don't mind talking about death. Skull tattoos represent your attitude towards death. You dare to face this fact and can deal with it calmly and fearlessly, accepting it as naturally as the sun rises and the moon sets.

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On the Day of the Dead in Mexico, people wear skull makeup to commemorate the dead. If you want in memory of someone who has passed away in a lasting way, a skull tattoo can be a great option. In addition to the basic skull pattern, you can also add some design elements, which have unique meaning between you. The real passing is not death, but oblivion. As long as you never forget, the passing person will always live in your heart.


Love Until Death

Skulls always represent death. Few things are greater than life and death, but the deepest love can transcend life and death. Just like the classic love story of "Titanic", the love between lovers cannot be blocked even if they are separated by life and death. Skull and rose tattoos are typical representatives of this meaning, one represents death, the other means fresh life and love, in stark contrast, people use them to express loyalty to lovers, and they cannot be separated from lovers until death.

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Rebellious Spirit

Like pirate designs on flags, skull tattoos can also represent rebellion and a sense of strength, and crossed bones can also represent poison.

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New Cognition

In Celtic culture, the skull was seen as the seat of the soul. Hence, this unique tattoo design represents a portal to a higher form of power, knowledge and understanding.

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Skulls carry meanings of courage and strength in the face of death, and every culture on this planet has a special meaning for skull tattoos, symbols of stubbornness that may remind us to live to the fullest.

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